We can design & construct sheds, summerhouses & playhouses to any size or dimension.

Our 25 year guaranteed sheds (and all Jacksons products) require no maintenance throughout their lifetime once installed, to keep the guarantee valid. Unlike many of the low grade fencing suppliers, the guarantees do not have “small print” for you to adhere to in order to keep it valid once installed.

We are:

Re-defining the standards in shed and external timber building development.

With a high quality torched on roof, guaranteed maintenance free for 20 years, you can rest assured that our sheds are the real deal, as good as it gets.

We offer a complete installation service including:

The clearing of land.

Clearing hedges or cutting trees.

Laying concrete bases or raised decking.

Electrical installation or services plumbed in.

We can provide a high quality torched on felt roof on any building, far out living the standard shed felt, that is used so widely within the industry.

We understand that our range of ‘Ultimate’ sheds isn’t suited to everyone’s budget, so we try to offer a solution for each individual circumstances. Our ‘Mercia’ range offers very competitive prices/solutions, that will give you many years of service when installed & maintained correctly. All our ‘Mercia’ range of buildings are covered with a 10 year guarantee* (must be painted upon installation).

Our ‘Ultimate’ range of sheds & buildings are re-defining the standards of shed development within the UK industry. They aren’t rivalled by any other shed product and our installation service is 2nd to none. All ‘Ultimate’ sheds are covered with an industry leading guarantee of 25 years, with no maintenance needed within its service life. Only the finest pressure treated UK grown timber is used in the production of our ‘Ultimate’ sheds, giving a superior product with a superior finish to complement any garden or surroundings.

All other fixtures and fittings are made from A grade stainless steel, giving a solid fix for a lifetime and complement the high quality craftsmanship and materials perfectly.

The craftsmanship in our sheds is not something we think is rivalled by our competitors. Each ‘Ultimate’ shed is bespoke and handmade to order to your specifications and requirements. They are then vigorously checked before errection.

Our range of ‘Ultimate’ sheds is constructed with the same superior pressure timber as our range of Jacksons Fine Fencing. The Jacksons range has an unrivalled reputation when it comes to the high quality production of their range of fencing products, and have been setting the standards since their production started in Kent over 60 years ago in 1947.

We also stock a wide range of Log cabins, all supplied with locking double glazed doors and windows.


    If you have any comments or questions regarding work then please do not hesitate to contact us from the details below: