0.45m High Metal Railing Convex Top Fence Topper 1.83m wide panel

£152.25 ex VAT

To add a touch of elegance and extra security to our fence panels, why not add one of our range of metal railing toppers to your fence?

Railing panels are designed to fit on any flat top framed fence panels to make a 1.8m high fence, and like all of our panels, slot easily into our slotted posts (Jakposts).

Available in three styles; level top, concave and convex, the attractive topper panels feature finial tops and collars around alternate pales. An added advantage of the metal topper panel is the extra light allowed through the top, a bonus if your garden suffers from lack of sunlight.


All railing topper panels are 1830mm wide

Level top panels 450mm high

Concave panels 450mm high at the sides and 315mm at the lowest point

Convex panels 450mm high at the sides and 585mm at the highest point

The bottom and side rails are 50 x 25mm drilled for fixing to the posts to prevent removal

The top rail is 50 x 6mm flat bar

With 12mm vertical bars with finials and collars

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