Heavy Duty Slotted Intermediate Post 120mm x 124mm

£48.10£68.40 ex VAT

As with standard slotted Jakposts posts, Heavy Duty slotted posts are designed to work with all of our Fencing, Trellis and Balustrade panels.

Heavy Duty Jakposts are 120mm x 124mm nominal section, planed finish with two 54mm x 25mm slots for fence panel. 54mm x 25mm slot is to allow a clearance on the 50mm wide panel framing.

Why would I use a heavy duty slotted post over a standard slotted post?

Heavy duty posts should be used if the fence is over 2 meters in height. If the fence is going to be installed where there is possibility of strong winds.
If the fence is going to be steeply stepped up a hill, heavy duty posts should be used.
Ground conditions should also be taken into consideration. If the ground is soft and marshy then this is another reason for heavy duty posts. Jakposts reduce damage caused by wind movement when panels are screwed to posts.
Fence panels slot easily into position when the posts have been installed, and can be scurely fixed (un-like concrete posts).

All posts are heavily pressure treated, guaranteed for 25 years against all forms of wet & dry rot and insect infestation. They are also the number one choice for people wanting their fence to look as strong as possible.