Jakoustic Acoustic Fencing Kit – All Components To Build

£135.00£180.00 ex VAT

The Jakoustic® Reflective acoustic barrier was first created in 2004, and has stayed true to the original design ever since thanks to its excellent noise-reducing properties, attractive timber appearance, enhanced privacy due to its solid construction, and increased security from the flat, anti-climb profile.

The acoustic barrier works by reflecting noise away from its carefully developed profile which is created from heavy section planed timber V shaped boards that slot together to minimise gaps that sound could travel through.

Offering up to 28dB* in noise reduction, it is an ideal solution for schools, commercial sites and residential properties.

25 year Jakcure® guarantee

*Jakoustic® barrier certified laboratory results: Rating according to BS EN 1793-2:1998 Category = B3 Laboratory sound reduction 28 dB Superficial mass 25kg/m²

The prices listed are an average ‘Per Meter’ price, based on a 100m straight run. Please contact us with your requirements, if you wish to order this product


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