Venetian Retreat Garden Shelter With Venetian Panels

£1,082.00£1,372.00 exc VAT

Venetian Retreat Garden Shelter

Designed using Jacksons popular Venetian panels for the sides and roof that give the shelter an attractive contemporary look and when the sun is shining casts dramatic patterns of light and shade.

The standard Retreat is a single unit version (as pictured here with dimensions below). If desired an extra panel can be added at the open side (extra panel not included). The Retreat shelter is available with or without a polycarbonate roof sheeting. The two polycarbonate panels sit on top of the Venetian roof panels, with a cover strip over the join and the rear edges protruding over the rear fascia for run off, with the polycarbonate box section channels running in line with the pales, across the roof. (Please note if you select the polycarbonate roof option the roof sheets may be delivered separately from the main timber delivery).

The Retreat garden shelter is constructed from Jakcured softwood guaranteed for 25 years. The Retreat is 2100mm high at the front and 2000mm high at the back. 1710mm from front post to rear post, (1923mm including roof overhang). 3325mm wide.

25 Year Guarantee

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