Vertical Hit & Miss level Top 1.83m Wide Panel

£63.90£106.10 ex VAT

Hit and Miss fencing is so called because the pales or boards are alternately fixed on the front and the back of the fence panel inturn, they over-lap and create a hit and miss pattern. This also means that both you and your neighbour have a good-looking side of the fence, as both sides are the same. Another advantage is the Hit and Miss panel design allows some wind to pass through, so in creates a more wind resistant fence

Also known as Ventilation Panes.

Note: These panels do not provide total privacy.


Panels are 1.83m wide, framing 45 x 50mm, recessed to take boards.

Boards 95x8mm with internal battens 50 x 12mm. All timber used is superior qualityplaned and pressure treated, guaranteed for 25 years against all forms of wet & dry rot and insect infestation.


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