25 Year Guarantee Fencing Decking & Gates

All of the Fencing, Decking, and Gates that we supply & install, has a 25 Year Guarantee against all forms of rot. They are all Produced to the highest of standards by Jacksons Fencing. Based just down the road from our main office in Canterbury, Jacksons re wrote the rule book on Fencing. They first started producing back in 1947, and haven’t looked back since.

All of the timber they use is far superior, compared to many of the ‘Larch’ products that saturate the current market. All timber is kiln dried before use, and then heavily pressure treated. This treatment is forced all the way through the product, and not just the outside like you see elsewhere. Neither is the timber marked with lots of small incisions to the outside. We regularly cut ends off of gate posts when installing. We never stop being impressed by how much the treatment has penetrated through the timber. Jakcure end cut treatment must be used to treat cuts to keep the 25 year guarantee fencing valid

All Fixings use in the manufacture of their fencing products are stainless steel, and built to last to stand up to the elements and see through the 25 year Guarantee

We have been working alongside Jacksons now for over 15 years now. But we can do nothing but applaud them for the products they produce. They have very stringent standards that they continually adhere too. We install nothing other than Jacksons products when working with timber.

We also take pride in offering a workmanship guarantee on all our installations of 25 Year Guarantee Fencing, Decking & Gates

How Can We sell Fencing, Decking & Gates with a 25 Year Guarantee

Not all species of tree feature the right biological physiology to render them suitable candidates for timber treatment. Corsican pine, radiata pine, southern yellow pine and scots pine are all ideal softwoods which possess the appropriate physical make-up to achieve a successful and consistent penetration of timber preservative through the sapwood and into the heartwood.

Spruce (or whitewood) is not suitable for applications where the timber is required to come into contact with the ground, due to its inability to offer a consistent response to treatment. The spruce’s cell structure makes it difficult for the preservative to permeate evenly throughout the sapwood which can affect the degree of protection and therefore ultimately the performance of the timber. This is how there is a 25 Year Guarantee Fencing, Decking & Gates

25 year anti rot guarantee

The two pictures above show posts cross cut – in both photos, the two posts on the right are manufactured from spruce – you can clearly see that the treatment has only really coated the outside surface of the spruce posts.

In contrast the posts on the left in both pictures are of posts treated to best practice, manufactured from pine- the difference is obvious. The preservative has penetrated deep into the sapwood right through to the heartwood in the pine posts.

Why Choose LSB Fencing, Decking & Gates

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Nationwide Delivery on all Fencing, Decking & Gates

All products can be delivered nationwide

LSB Fencing & Decking offer a full installation and Gate Automation service throughout the Kent including

Folkestone – Canterbury – Deal – Dover – Ramsgate – Margate – Whitfield – Herne Bay – Ashford – Maidstone – Tonbridge – Sevenoaks & London. All installations have a 25 Year Guarantee Fencing

Frequently Asked Questions – 25 Year Guarantee

How long is the warranty on Fencing, Decking & Gates? – 25 Year Guarantee Fencing, Decking & Gates.

Is there any maintenance required for Fencing, Decking & Gates? – No

How can these Fencing, Decking & Gates have a 25 Year Guarantee? – They all made from from high quality timber that is treated under much higher pressure, and made using stainless steel fixings. It’s this combination that gives the confidnece in the products

How long Have Jacksons Fencing been trading? – They are the UK’s leading fencing company, trading for over 75 Years. This gives faith that they will still be around to back up the 25 Year Guarantee Fencing.

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