Canterbury Combi Fence panel – 1.83m high x 1.83m wide (6ftx6ft)

£136.30 exc VAT


Expertly handcrafted, Canterbury Combi fence panels and garden gate designs are a hybrid of two popular products: Venetian and Tongue and Groove combined to create an elegant design. These panels provide the sleek modern feel of Venetian, but they have the added benefit of extra privacy and protection that some people may prefer, with the solid Tongue and Groove Effect lower part of the panel.

Our Tongue and Groove effect panels are made using the trademark Jakcure® softwood timber, guaranteed for 25 years for extra strength with the boards running horizontally. Built using stainless steel fixings for longer life, the centre of the panel is given additional support with double 70mm wide cant rails, with a bevel to allow rain to drain away easily.

The top quadrant of the Canterbury Combi fence panel is finished with our Venetian topper to give these premium solid panels a contemporary finish. The individual slats are planed however please note the slatted pale spacing is different on these panels when compared with a standard Venetian panel.

Should you require a narrower panel to complete your fence, it is fine to cut a panel to the correct size on site. Please remember to treat any cut ends with Jakcure Cut Treatment.


  • Lower section is 1490mm high, made from premium Tongue and Groove boards
  • Upper section is 340mm high, horizontal Venetian pales
  • Side framing is 51mm x 45mm
  • Top and Bottom framing 70mm x 51mm
  • Rail between lower and upper sections 51mm x 45mm
  • Guaranteed for 25 years

In order to qualify for 25 year guarantee a gravel board must be installed to prevent the fence panel coming into contact with the ground. 140mm standard gravel board or you can opt for a hedgehog friendly gravel board.

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