Fence Panel cut Down Kit (for bespoke width panels)

£10.50 exc VAT

Fence Panel cut Down kit

Fence Panel cut Down kit – for making any of our range of fence panels to a bespoke width

These kits vary for certain panels, but are all priced at £10.50 each + VAT

All cut down kits are specific to the height of panel ordered, so you need a 1.52m high cutdown kit for a 1.52m high panel that needs reducing in width

Fence panel cut down kits consist of all necessary timber (varies for different panels), all relevant fixings and also detailed instructions.

If ordering different styles of fence panels or varying heights of panels, please mention when ordering which panels you need the fence panel cutdown kit for

Please note. Our range of panels vary from framed, to non framed and to vertical or horizontal rails. All cut down kits are unique to each style of panel