Hythe Courtyard Driveway Gates With Railings

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Hythe Courtyard Driveway Gates With Railings

A supperior set of the gates, the Hythe courtyard driveway gates with railings have a 25 year guarantee

They have an internal galvanised steel frame, and then cladded in superior pressure treated T&G effect boards. The internal steel frame completely eradicates the chances of warping, twisting or sagging over time.

The hinges are also heavy duty galvanised steel bolts, with plenty of adjustment. These gate are real head tuners, and their quality really does shine every time they’re open or closed

If you’re looking for the ultimate set of gates to complement your driveway, then look no further than our full range of courtyard gates

Due to the weight and quality of these gates, having the metal frame inside, means they’re only advised to be hung on metal posts

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