Louvre Panel 1.83m Wide – Horizontal Angled Venetian

£101.40£155.70 ex VAT

A semi-solid panel with masses of style, Louvre panels have the sleek and modern good looks suited to contemporary urban gardens. The horizontal slats are made from planed and specially shaped Jakcured timber, which are secured at an angle, unlike the straight vertical slats of our Venetian panels. These slats are reminiscent of Louvre blinds for windows, hence the name, and are larger thus allowing a bit more privacy than Venetian – yet they still let in light and offer less wind resistance compared to solid panels like Chilham, or Tongue and Groove effect panels.

As with all our timber products, Louvre panels are manufactured from Jakcure pressure treated timber and designed for use with slotted Jakposts, gravel boards and capping rails. Guaranteed for 25 years against all types of wet & dry rot and insect infestation.


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