Palisade Rounded Pale Pair Of 1.0 Metre Wide Gate Complete With Fittings

£205.60£252.00 ex VAT

Palisade gates are made from Jakcure treated softwood with the option to choose left or right hand hung when viewed from the outside of the fence, matching pairs are also available. With three heights to match the fence heights and 1.0m wide, constructed with stainless steel fixings.

Timber palisade gates are often used as side gates if privacy is not a concern but pets need to be kept safe and secure or a side gate is required without the loss of light.

Supplied fitted with galvanised iron hinges and ring latch.

Please remember when ordering: gates are right hand hanging when viewed from the front as standard. (for example “front” when standing in the road outside your property). Left hand hanging also available.