Palisade rounded top Fence Panel 1.83m wide

£37.00£42.40 ex VAT

Palisade is a classic design of garden fencing, also known as picket fencing. Palisade Panels are designed for use with our slotted Jakposts. They are manufactured from superior quality planed finished Jakcure treated softwood, guaranteed for 25 years. Please note we only supply in natural Jakcure timber finish, but it is shown in some of our images painted white, as this is how some people like to see it finished.


    • All fence panels are 1.83m wide
    • Fence Pales are 22 x 75mm nominal section planed to finish at 19mm thick.
    • Pale tops are machined.
    • Each panel is backed by two 2ex 100 x 38mm cant rails. Cant is the difference in elevation (height) between the two edges. Water will run off the rail. (Picture on right) that are fully planed.
    • The fence should be erected 50mm above ground level to allow for weeding.
    • Palisade fencing is also know as picket fencing.

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