Rye Courtyard Driveway Gate Railings

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Rye Courtyard Driveway Gate Railings

A pair of Rye Courtyard Driveway Gates with Railings. These Rye Courtyard gates are made to the highest of standards. 25 Year Guarantee

All timber used throughout is superior pressure treated softwood, cladded around an internal galvanised steel frame. This steel frame helps eradicate any warping, twisting or sagging over time that so many other gates of this size, suffer from over time. These gates really are built to look great and last a lifetime

Gates have integral hinges for maximum flexibility on site

Tongue’n’Groove style panels to match courtyard gate.

Both sides of the gate are clad the same, looks good from the inside or the outside

All fittings and fixings galvanised or stainless steel

These gates can be made to be automated or for manual use. There are also multiple finishing option including J Lock and latch rather than standard ring latch, post finishes or cladded in timber