Square Trellis Panel 1.83m wide

£38.60£63.20 exc VAT

Standard Garden Square trellis Panel – 1.83m wide

The standard Square trellis panels come in a timeless square design which is perfect for creating screens in areas of your garden. They are great for encouraging climbing plants to grow, which intertwined with the trellis creates a beautiful effect and allows the trellis to blend in with natural surroundings.

They have a top capping rail but no additional framing on the sides, unlike the Premier Trellis range

Available in four different heights; 0.86m, 1.18m, 1.50, 1.83m – they can be added to existing fences or walls or as stand-alone structures.

We recommend the use of slotted Jakposts with Trellis panels

All timber used throughout is superior quality treated softwood with a  25 Year Guarantee
Superior planed finish
Top/capping Rail 45 x 51mm
Bottom & side battens are 38 x 19mm
Trellis panel infill battens are 25 x 19mm set at 162mm centres giving 138mm squares

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