Woven Contemporary Fence Panel 1.83m Wide

£65.70£122.00 exc VAT

The Woven Contemporary Fence Panel – Looking good from all angles.

Woven are a modern high quality panel designed with traditional inter-woven styles of fencing in mind.

The Woven fence panel may look like an older traditional style inter-woven panel, but there the resemblance ends; the horizontal timbers aren’t thin slats, but substantial pieces of smooth Jakcure® treated softwood, measuring 38mm high by 9mm deep, that will stay strong and maintain the structural integrity of the panel, all fitted in to a strong frame. There are no unsightly rails to ruin the appearance on one side of the panel, so the neighbours and you are both winners.

If you need a narrower panel to complete your fence, it is fine to cut a panel to the correct size on site. Please remember to treat any cut ends with Jakcure Cut Treatment.

One more benefit of this quality looking traditional style panel is you get amazing dappled light and shade effects when sunlight shines through the panel. As with other semi-solid panels wind resistance is lowered due to air being able to move through the spaces between the slats. Woven panels are a less see-through option designed for greater privacy unlike some trellis and slatted style panels which can allow a lot of light through, meaning there is high visibility through them too.  Please note that you will still be able to view through the panel at certain angles.

25 Year Guarantee

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