Horizontal Hit & Miss Fence Panel 1.83m Wide

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Horizontal Hit & Miss Panel

Hit and Miss fencing is so called because the pales or boards are alternately fixed on the front and the back of the fence panel, over-lapping to create a hit and miss pattern. The Hit & Miss visual appearance is excellent both sides, which gives your neighbour the same fence as you!

Some people prefer Hit and Miss panel boards to run horizontally rather than our alternative Hit & Miss vertical. This variation obviously still allows the wind to pass through the panel, but gives a different appearance.


Panels are 1.83m wide, framing 45x50mm, recessed to take boards

Boards 95 x 8mm with internal battens 50 x 12mm

All timber is planed all round, and supplied in natural Jakcured finish

These panels are sometimes also known as ventilation panels. The spacing of the panel boards varies slightly on different height horizontal Hit and Miss – we recommend vertical panels are used when different height fence panels are used in a run.

Note: These Hit & Miss panels do not provide total privacy.

25 Year Guarantee

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