Traditional Featherboard Fencing

Jacksons traditional Featherboard / Closeboard fencing kit

25 Year Guarantee against all forms of rot

The pales are taper sawn, two from a 100 x 22mm section board. The pales are finished 150mm shorter than the height of the fence and stand on a 150mm gravel board as standard.

Traditional Featherboard / Closeboard Fencing Posts

We sell two types of posts for Traditional Featherboard / closeboard fencing and these are, corner posts and intermediate posts.

Intermediate posts are 125 x 100mm section, for extra strength. Posts are moritced through the face (not sides) for the rails. Post tops are weathered and the posts can also be used to hang our gates in a fence run.

Corner posts are 125 x 125mm section.

  • 1.8m post for 1.2m fence have two mortices
  • 2.4m post for 1.5m fence have three mortices
  • 2.7m post for 1.8m fence have three mortices


When ordering Featherboard / Closeboard pales, the price refers to a single pale. The reference “(2ex)” means the pale is cut diagonally from a plank 100mm x 22mm section therefore creating 2 pales from 1 plank.


  • Allow one post and 29 pales for every 2.4m bay plus one extra post for the end of the run
  • For the 1.2m fence allow 2 rails and for the 1.5m & 1.8m fences allow 3 rails per section
  • You will also need 1 gravel board for every section

Remember to add 1 extra post to complete the fence run. 75mm nails are needed for attaching rails and gravel boards to posts. 50mm Stainless Steel nails for attaching pales to rails 1kg for 9m (Stainless Steel Nails recommended)

The rails used in this Traditional Featherboard / Closeboard fencing are far bigger and squarer that the more common ‘Arris Rails’. This gives the fence far more strength to avoid sagging over time.

The Traditional Featherboard / Closeboard posts are very chunky, and are far superior to standard 4″ x 4″ posts that have a side mortice. The posts are fully morticed through the face and give far more support the the rails.

We believe this Traditional Featherboard / Clsoeboard Fencing kit Is The Best That Money Can Buy

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