Traditional Rounded Top Palisade / Picket

Jacksons Traditional Rounded Top Palisade / Picket Fencing Kit

Traditional Rounded top Palisade / Picket fencing kit of the highest quality. Superior pressure treated timber – planed finsih – 25 Year Guarantee

Traditional Palisade / Picket fencing kit (non panel form)

Traditional Rounded Top palisade / Picket Fencing is supplied in kit form. This means the pales, rails and posts come separately ready to be installed on site. Kit form fencing is ideal for fence runs on sloping ground or when the boundary line is not straight. Installing pale by pale gives you the opportunity to customise the fence spacing to any desired finish

Traditional Rounded Top Palisade / Picket Fencing Specification

Our round top palisade fencing is made using superior vacuum pressure treated softwood timber and is guaranteed for 25 years against all forms of rot

  • Pales are 75 x 19mm section, planed with tops rounded​
  • ​Posts for 1 & 1.2m high fences are nominal 100 x 75mm section and have two mortices with tops rounded
  • ​Posts for 1.8m fences are 125 x 75mm section and have three mortices with tops rounded
  • ​The posts are 0.5m longer than the height of the 1.0m fence or 0.6m longer for the 1.2m or 1.8m fence
  • ​Fence is supplied in natural Jakcure® treated timber finish

This fence style is also available in Panel Form. This would be the type of palisade required if you wish to use slotted posts.


When calculating the materials you will need one post every 2.28m section plus one extra for the end of the run. Rails two per section for 1.0m & 1.2m high and three per section for 1.8m high fence.

Intermediate posts are also suitable for the end of run.

Corner posts are for right angled corners only.

Nails : 1kg of 50mm nails required for every 11m of 1.0m & 1.2m fence and for every 7m of 1.8m high fence. (Stainless Steel Nails recommended)

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